Interview – Serbia Needs to Insure its Exports

Interview – Serbia Needs to Insure its Exports

The CEO of Serbian Export Credit and Insurance Agency j.s.c. Užice, Ana Malešević, in an interview  for the newspapers Danas talks about the services that AOFI offers to Serbian exporters.

Malešević mentions that businessmen do not use the services offered by AOFI sufficiently becuase, among other reasons, they have not heard for AOFI.

“We are making efforts to change that.“ – says Ana Malešević.

She also states the available services and their main advantages for exporters: short-term loans – favorable interest rates; export credit insurance – relieve the businessmen against the issue of unpayment from a buyer; factoring – the clients thus manage to overcome the current illiquidity.

Ana Malešević highlights the efforts and importance for AOFI to apporach the SMEs.

“Currently, there are about 150 clients in the credit segment, 60 in insurance and 80 in factoring within the portfolio of AOFI, which is not a big number. Reducing the threshold we could engage more companies that have a good product but they are relatively young and have not yet reached the value of annual exports of 300,000 EUR. “- adds Malešević.