Chief Executive Officer of the Serbian Export Credit and Insurance Agency j.s.c. Uzice (AOFI), Ana Malesevic, in an interview for NIN, as an introduction to Regional Investment Samith, speaks about the results achieved since its foundation and significant potentials of AOFI.

The goal of the Regional Investment Forum is to establish the cooperation between the top officials of the relevant institutions of the Republic of Serbia, European Union and the countires from the region on one hand, and the leaders of growing number of foreign companies, investors and banks, on the other hand. Ana Malesevic will present plans, directions of  further development, as well as the enormous significance of AOFI for the entire Serbian export.

According to the CEO, from its foundation until today AOFI has achieved great results within the scope of its activities, primarily short-term loans, credit insurance, factoring and guarantees.

“Credit potential will increase with AOFI-s guarantees as one of priorities for the following period, and at the same time bank loans will become cheaper for SMEs“ –said Ana Malesevic.

The translation of the interview can be read below:

Tailwinds to Exporters -NIN