Short-term financing

What does short-term lending mean?

Short-term crediting implies the provision of financial resources for financing the exporter’s working capital.

Advantages of short-term lending:

  • Improving liquidity
  • Simpler loan securing procedure compared to long-term loans
  • Adaptation of credit service to exporters’ needs

Required documentation:

  • Request for placement approval on company letterhead, certified and signed
  • Completed Questionnaire for creation of credit file AOFI
  • Copy of the contract on the export business that is the subject of financing/issuance of guarantees
  • Completed Client Consent – Credit Bureau to withdraw report
  • Final sheet on the last day of the previous month
  • Final sheet as of December 31, 2017
  • Official financial report for the last two years
  • Auditor report for the last two years (for persons with a legal obligation)
  • Analytical cards of buyers and suppliers
  • Status documentation (Extract from APR, OP form, TIN, Decision on establishment, valid statute with all amendments)
  • Certificate of the Tax Administration on settled tax obligations