Issuance of guarantees

What does issuing guarantees mean?

Support through guarantees implies the issuance of all types of guarantees in which the buyer requests some type of insurance that will cover the exporter’s performance. AOFI issues in addition to performance and payable guarantees.

Advantages of guarantees:

  • By having a guarantee, the client acquires the condition for participating in tenders
  • Thanks to advance guarantees, the contractor gets funds faster
  • Getting a job is made possible by guaranteeing that the exporter – contractor will perform the job correctly, in accordance with the requirements of the customer or investor

Contractual warranty may apply to:

  • Participation in the tender
  • Refund of advance payment
  • Good job execution
  • Maintenance during the warranty period

Required documentation:

  • Request for placement approval on company letterhead, certified and signed
  • Filled in Questionnaire for creating AOFI credit file
  • Copy of the contract on the export business that is the subject of financing/issuance of guarantees
  • Completed Consent of the client – Credit Bureauto withdraw the report
  • Final sheet on the last day of the previous month
  • Final sheet as of December 31, 2017
  • Official financial report for the last two years
  • Auditor report for the last two years (for persons with a legal obligation)
  • Analytical cards of buyers and suppliers
  • Status documentation (Extract from APR, OP form, TIN, Decision on establishment, valid statute with all amendments)
  • Certificate of the Tax Administration on settled tax obligations
  • List of collateral