International cooperation

AOFI has established cooperation and signed cooperation agreements with numerous international institutions and banks.

AOFI is an active member:



Since December 2006, AOFI has been an active member of the Berne Union, which has more than 80 members – export credit agencies, banks and private claim insurers from all over the world.

At Berne Union website you can download member list and learn more about this association of insurers and reinsurers.

AOFI hosted Autumn session of members of the Prague Club of the Berne Union. The main topic of the meeting was support for exporters through the insurance institute, which reduces the risk of exporters’ business.

The specialist meeting – Damages and recourse for members of the Berne Union was held in December 2015 in Belgrade. The three-day meeting for over 80 experts from all over the world was again hosted by AOFI.

The annual conference of members of the Berne Union with 260 participants from over 70 countries from all over the world was held in Belgrade from 01 until October 5, 2017. The trust of the Berne Union to organize a meeting of the highest-ranking members for the third time went to AOFI.





In January 2008, AOFI was accepted as a member of FCI – Factors Chain International – an international factoring association that has over 200 members from 65 countries. You can read more information about the FCI association here

We signed agreements on international cooperation with members of the Berne Union: