Privacy Policy

AOFI Internet presentation, including all its services, respects the privacy of visitors to its website.

Information Protection

When using our services you may be required to provide personal information. Provision of such information is voluntary. Your personal information shall be used only in compliance with the laws and other information protection regulations applicable in the Republic of Serbia.

Personal information displayed in AOFI presentation shall be used in standard procedures for the purpose of processing your applications. Processing and use of your personal information for consulting, advertising and marketing researches is possible only with your explicit consent.

If, when providing personal information for the above mentioned purposes, you also give consent that other organizations within AOFI or some subsequently listed third parties may use your personal information, such can be forwarded to those parties. Should you withhold your consent, your personal information shall not be forwarded to anyone.

AOFI reserves the right to modify its privacy policy observing the laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia.


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